Year 7 Art

In the Year 7 Art program students independently and collaboratively plan, design, evaluate and refine art works that represent and communicate ideas and purpose. They use appropriate skills and materials to generate and develop ideas. The Year 7 Art students are required to maintain an A3 Visual Art Diary of the creating and making process while also maintaining reflection pieces on their performance decisions and performance evaluations.

In this elective, students will adapt a variety of drawings and techniques, including some multi-media to create artworks, including printmaking, sculptures and various 2D images and use appropriate techniques to develop these art works.  They will study various artists, methods of working in the above 2D and 3D areas and develop art works in a range of art elements, principles and concepts.
Students will have the opportunity to study various printing, drawing and sculptural techniques, adapt these to their own art works and develop a variety of skills in producing art works.  They will describe ways in which current themes are in selected cultural and historical contexts. This elective is an excellent preparation for VCE Studio Arts.