VCE Visual Communication

Year 11 – Unit 1 & 2 / Year 12 – Unit 3 & 4

This study enables students to develop and apply drawing skills using a range of techniques to make their design thinking visible. Students develop skills selecting and applying media, materials, and methods to suit a design purposes. They apply a design process to create visual communications and earn how design elements, design principles, media, materials, and manual and digital methods contribute to the creation of their own visual language. Students develop a capacity to undertake ongoing design thinking while conceiving, communicating and presenting ideas. They learn how historical factors influence visual communications.


Unit 1: Code: VC011 – Introduction to Visual Communication Design

This unit focuses on visual language, thinking and drawing skills to make messages, ideas and concepts visible and tangible. Students develop drawing and presentation skills when exploring their own ideas and finalizing these visual communications. Students explore the effect and use of the design elements and principles and develop an understanding of the way information and ideas are perceived when using these elements and principles. They review contextual background through the investigation of design styles.


Unit 2: Code: VC022 – Applications of Visual Communication Design

The main purpose of this unit is to enable students to develop practical skills by generating images and developing them through freehand and instrumental drawing. The ways in which information and ideas are communicated visually are also explored through the analysis of the work of others. The design process is applied in developing visual communication solutions to set tasks.


Unit 3: Code: VC033 Design Thinking and Practice

In this unit students learn about methods designers use when working with clients, target audience and specialists. They analyse existing visual communication to gain insight into creating effective visual communication for a target audience. They use various materials and methods when developing their own ideas and concepts. Using a brief, they identify two distinct needs of the client, the visual communications purpose, audience, context and constraints. Students consider existing visual communications for direction with their own work. They use observational and visualisation drawings when developing ideas. The brief and investigation work underpin work undertaken in Unit 4.


Unit 4: Code: VC034 – Design Development and Presentation

Students use various methods, media and materials and investigate the effects of the elements and principles on the target audience. They develop an understanding of the cyclical nature of the design process. Students investigate and analyse the roll of various designers. They develop a folio of work and final presentations for a client.