Civics & Citizenship

Year 7

In Year 7, students look at the origins of democracy and various other types of government within a historical context. They learn about how past societies such as Ancient Greece and Rome have influenced modern democracies. They learn how Australian democracy developed, and the British foundations of Australian democracy. Students also learn about key features of Australian democracy, such as the general processes of elections in Australia. They develop understanding of aspects of political parties and their leaders, and the courts.

Year 8

The focus of Semester Two in Year 8 Humanities is once again on an integrated unit of work. On this occasion, English, Economics, Geography and Civics and Citizenship are integrated in a study of Asia. In this unit, students examine their place in their own society and look at Asian societies to investigate similarities and differences between them. English activities run throughout the semester informed by what is happening in Humanities. In looking at Asia, students focus on topics such as geography, government, religion, economics and culture. Within these topics students investigate big picture questions such as:

Students often work in groups to complete activities such as investigations and presentations. In doing this, students work on further developing their speaking and listening skills, as well as their familiarity with different ICT tools.

Middle School

The following Civics and Citizenship electives are offered to all Middle School students.

People, Power and Politics in Australia

In this elective students will look at the history of Australian democracy. They will analyse what is power and where it resides in Australian society. To do this, students will take a detailed look at political parties, elections, the media and interest groups, such as unions. In order to demonstrate their understandings of Australian government, students will compare Australian democracy with another country. Students will finally focus on government in Australia and how it exercises its power in relation to environmental, economic and international issues.

Teenagers and the Law

This course focuses on the law as it applies to teenagers. Students will examine various issues and focus on an area of law they feel needs changing. They will propose appropriate recommendations to the State or Federal Government. Students will study the court system and visit a court. Students will examine rules and laws appropriate to learning to drive, obtaining a motorcycle or car license and other areas of the law relevant to adolescents.