Year 7

Students looking at Economics in Year 7 consider the use, ownership and management of resources in personal, business and community contexts. At this level, students are guided through activities about economic choices. Students learn about market forces and identify markets in which they participate, and how the interaction of buyers and sellers influences prices. They explore how access to resources is a significant factor in determining income levels and appreciate that people’s incomes, in part, reflect choices they have made about education, work, careers and skill development. Students also explore financial literacy and the importance of being an informed consumer. They practice making informed consumer decisions. Students attempt to work on planning economic investigations, analysing and interpreting data, and forming theories and conclusions supported by evidence.

Year 8

The focus of Semester Two in Year 8 Humanities is once again on an integrated unit of work. On this occasion, English, Economics, Geography and Civics and Citizenship are integrated in a study of Asia. In this unit, students examine their place in their own society and look at Asian societies to investigate similarities and differences between them. English activities run throughout the semester informed by what is happening in Humanities. In looking at Asia, students focus on topics such as geography, government, religion, economics and culture. Within these topics students investigate big picture questions such as:

• How do culture and national identity coincide?

• How do different religions within Asia impact their societies?

• How does a countries economic system affect quality of life?

• How does the environment influence daily life?

• What impact does the form of government have on a country?

Students often work in groups to complete activities such as investigations and presentations. In doing this, students work on further developing their speaking and listening skills, as well as their familiarity with different ICT tools.

Middle School

The following Economics electives are offered to all Middle School students.

Managing Your Money

Students will learn how to manage their personal finances looking at such ideas as investing for the future. They will also learn how to become more informed consumers. During the elective they will also be learning how to identify, collect and process data about economic activities. Students will also be examining issues and values affecting themselves and our society with respect to their short and long term financial future.

Pre-VCE Commerce
(Year 10 only)
This is a follow-up to elective “Manage Your Money”. ‘Pre-VCE’ Commerce will guide students through a closer look at ideas, processes and information needed for VCE subjects such as Accounting, Economics and Business Management. This elective is designed to further develop students’ knowledge and understanding of markets, themselves and their role as consumers, businesses and what is involved in running a business.