Year 7

Year 7 Geography focuses on understanding Australia, its physical features and a major environmental issue such as water storage.  Students work at developing mapping skills through the construction of different types of maps using proper mapping conventions.  Throughout the course of the term, students are provided with opportunities to collect and process data and present a summary of results using a range of techniques such as sketch maps, graphs and electronic media.

Year 8

The focus of Semester Two in Year 8 Humanities is once again on an integrated unit of work.  On this occasion, English, Economics, Geography and Civics and Citizenship are integrated in a study of Asia.  In this unit, students examine their place in their own society and look at Asian societies to investigate similarities and differences between them.  English activities run throughout the semester informed by what is happening in Humanities.  In looking at Asia, students focus on topics such as geography, government, religion, economics and culture.  Within these topics students investigate big picture questions such as:

Students often work in groups to complete activities such as investigations and presentations.  In doing this, students work on further developing their speaking and listening skills, as well as their familiarity with different ICT tools.

Middle School

The following Geography electives are offered to all Middle School students.

Tourism and Travel
Students will develop an understanding and gain skills necessary to equip them to confidently travel within Australia and overseas. Students will collect geographical information; interpret data using electronic sources to plan a Getaway holiday. They will plan a holiday using a limited budget, organise an itinerary, design travel brochures, research currencies and languages and passport and visa requirements. Students will analyse data on Australian Quarantine and Customs and study the importance of declaring goods entering and leaving the country. Students will enhance their studies through their participation in a tour of the Mornington Peninsula. As tourists they will focus on the impacts of the tourism industry and explore some popular tourist attractions.

Our Physical World
Students will investigate the natural systems of our planet and their effect on human activities.  They will examine global patterns of development and their economic consequences.  Students will undertake a field investigation within the local area to gather, collate and evaluate data relating to the natural environment and use this information to develop policy about local environmental issues.