LOTE (Languages Other Than English)

When students learn a language they develop communication skills and an understanding of the social, historical and cultural aspects of countries. Language learning contributes to the development of students as global citizens and helps them to build an understanding of and empathy towards people in other cultures.

At Somerville Secondary College, Indonesian is a compulsory subject for students in Year 7 and Year 8 with two lessons a week for the entire year. In Year 9 and Year 10 students have the option of choosing to continue with their studies of Indonesian. The subject provides students with basic language skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. The subject also highlights Indonesian culture and an appreciation of its people.


Indonesian language is the focus of LOTE in Somerville Secondary College . Indonesian is compulsory for year 7 and 8. At year 9 and 10, Indonesian is an elective subject, which runs for the entire year.


The aim of the LOTE program is to develop an understanding of Asian cultures in order for students to expand positive attitudes towards Asian cultures and the people by providing them with stimulating and interesting classroom activities. We also focus on preparing students with knowledge, skills and attributes to contribute socially, culturally and economically to our diverse society. Indonesian movies, songs, online games and even Indonesian traditional games are used in delivering the lesson.

The advance classes are aimed to support and encourage students to continue studying Indonesian at VCE level as there are many job opportunities that required another language such as Indonesian.

LOTE also maintain a close relationship with other subjects at school such as cooking classes, art classes, music and even sport sctivities.

Many career choices are open to people who have learned an Asian language. Trade, media, Customs, IT applications, teaching and the Defense Forces all favor applicants who have learned an Asian language such as Indonesian.


In accordance with the aims of the LOTE program at Somerville Secondary College , the program seeks to offer students the opportunity to visit Indonesia as a participant in the Indonesian cultural and language tour. However, due to current political and environmental situations, these trips have been postponed until the Victorian government lifts the ban. “Learn Indonesian in Malaysia ” excursion is also offered this year at Somerville Secondary College . It is a ten day of cultural and language experience in Malaysia , supervised by Somerville teachers.


Somerville Secondary College opens opportunities for students to embrace the culture by taking them to city excursions to Indonesian Festivals, conferences and other functions.

Somerville Secondary College is also building a cultural relationship with one of the many high schools in Indonesia by having the “PenPal” program where students from both countries write to each other using the oldest form of communicating; handwritten letters. This cultural exchange has been really successful in teaching both schools on how important it is to know and understand other cultures, especially between Indonesia and Australia as their closest neighbour.

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