Year 7 Workshop

In Year 7, all students participate in the Year 7 Workshop program. During each fortnightly cycle, students will attend the workshop three times for Literacy and three times for numeracy.

The workshop program is designed to provide extra support for all students in these vital areas by providing extra teacher resources to each group. Within the workshop there are three trained staff who work with each group of approximately 20-24 students.

Students are grouped in various ways within the workshop, and the provision of extra staff means that each group can be catered for and monitored in specific areas of teaching and learning.

Students who require extra assistance in particular areas are able to work closely in a small group with a teacher. Students who require extension activities and consolidation activities are also able to work together to improve their learning.

Many of the activities within the workshop are very “Hands On” and are explicitly designed to engage the students and promote student learning. The workshop also has its own computer area to be utilized by small groups when appropriate.