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Tiqbiz is an easy to use app designed to allow Somerville Secondary College to communicate directly to parents on their phones, tablets and computers. It will send messages, newsletters and has a calendar of events.

Most importantly it will send ‘push notifications’ to your phone to alert you to any urgent messages or information updates. This app will make you instantly aware for example if we have had to change a sports day through poor weather or if a bus is delayed back from a camp or excursion.

We would hope that as many parents and students who have either an iPhone or Smartphone will download this free app as we endeavour to improve our communication with our families.

This Brochure link clearly shows how to get started. If you have any problems doing this, the staff at tiqbiz are more than happy to help you. Call 9800 1489 between 8.30am and 5.30pm weekdays or email team@tiqbiz.com.

At the end of the year when the students go into their next year level, you need to change your groups to ensure you are getting the correct information relevant to your child. This Groups link will give you the information needed to make this change.

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