Somerville Secondary College

Dance and Chillax

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Learning Capabilities DevelopedPersonal and Social


In Dance, students explore and participate in the elements of dance, skills, techniques and processes through the practices of choreography, performances and appreciation. They will have the opportunity to explore a range of dance styles such as hip/hop, contemporary, ballet and jazz. Students will use a variety of stimuli and experiences to make dance and also develop skills to respond to dance through evaluating their own and others dance pieces. A highlight of the semester is the choreographing and performing of their own group dance.

 Throughout the unit students will participate in workshops/ performances that will further develop their dance appreciation. This subject also contains a theory component including the history of dance, anatomy, cultural dance and dance around the world.  Students will also be introduced to Pilates, yoga and breathing techniques throughout the unit so that they can practice mindfulness and improve their spirituality.