Somerville Secondary College

Debate Me!

Featured Learning AreaEnglish
Additional Learning AreasHumanities, Science
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking


The ability to speak well in public is an essential life skill that is especially vital in the modern workplace, and debating is the perfect opportunity to improve this skill in a unique and interesting way.

Debating involves the use of persuasive rhetoric and argument, but is much more than just simple contradiction or fighting. Debating is an organised process in which two teams, of three people each, debate for or against a given proposition, such as “All whaling should cease immediately”. Each member of each team takes turns to speak and lay out their argument, as well as rebut the arguments of the other team. In this subject, students will learn the basics of debate, analyse the skills of great debaters, and practice debating themselves, on a range of topics which will allow students to develop their own voice and opinions. Students will also participate in intra and inter school debating events.