Somerville Secondary College


Featured Learning AreaDigital Technologies
Additional Learning AreasDesign Technologies
Learning Capabilities DevelopedData collection, presentation and interpretation, algorithm development, digital systems, interactions with and impact of digital systems.


The use of digital technology skills within our society is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. This elective gives students the opportunity to develop a range of digital technology skills through the use of coding, digital graphic design and website/app design. Students develop their coding skills by using a range of inputs and sensors to control a micro-processor. They will use the micro-processor to operate a micro-robot through movement, sound, lights and sensors to interact with the surrounding environment. Students will experience programming robotics systems and learn about the use of robotics in industry. They will develop knowledge about different digital systems, related hardware and software, and explore the use of flow chart planning and the role of binary code. Digital graphic design is explored through the use of Photoshop to manipulate and create graphical outcomes and investigate how digital graphics is used in advertising. Students will also learn how to organise data and convert this data into visual graphic forms through the use of Excel spreadsheets and relate this to practical, relevant scenarios. Finally, students will design and create a basic website and app and explore the ethical issues associated with web-based ICT.