Somerville Secondary College


The study of Drama focuses on the creation and performance of characters and stories in naturalistic and non-naturalistic ways. Students draw on a range of stimulus material and play-making techniques to develop and present devised work. Students also explore a range of performance styles and conventions, dramatic elements and stagecraft. They use performance and expressive skills to explore and develop role and character. They analyse the development of their own work and performances by other drama practitioners. 

People tell stories, explore ideas, make sense of their worlds and communicate meaning through drama. Drama develops personal and social identity. VCE Drama connects students to the traditions of drama practice and, through the processes of devising and performing drama, allows them to explore, understand and respond to the contexts, narratives and stories that shape their worlds. The study requires students to be creative and critical thinkers. Through work as solo and ensemble performers and engagement with the work of professional drama practitioners, students develop an appreciation of drama as an art form and develop skills of criticism and aesthetic understanding. VCE Drama equips students with knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate as individuals and collaboratively in social and work-related contexts. The study of drama can provide pathways to training and tertiary study in acting, communication and drama criticism. This subject cost includes an excursion.