Somerville Secondary College

Fascinating Fieldwork

Featured Learning AreaHumanities – Geography
Additional Learning AreasScience
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking/Enterprise


This subject aims to provide all students with a practical approach to the study of Geography, as students will consistently leave the classroom in order to learn about the world around them while on location. In Geography, fieldwork is an essential skill which involves the collection and recording of relevant geographical data or information from the field and secondary sources. Students will engage in weekly practice fieldwork tasks around the school and local community (weather depending) to create diagrams, field sketches, and maps, as well as record information about features or processes that they observe. Students will also engage in fieldwork activities further from home, with excursions to investigate the geographical features of a number of local landscapes that include water. This includes trips to: investigate coastal erosion, compare the landscapes of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay, and compare the eco-systems of bay beaches and backbeaches. Additional excursions to local creeks, wetlands, swamps, and more man made water features of reservoirs or lakes are possible and will be decided on by the class. To support this fieldwork, all students will also develop their skills in analysing maps and other geographical data or information, as well as using digital and spatial technologies to predict, analyse, and reflect on their fieldwork findings.