Somerville Secondary College

Junior Journalists

Featured Learning AreaEnglish
Additional Learning AreasMedia
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking


This is the subject for anyone who ever watched a Superman movie and was jealous of the wonderful Lois Lane’s brilliant career. For the people who can see something in their local community, state, country, or even the world which fills them righteous anger and the burning desire to affect change.

In Junior Journalists, students will first learn about the role of a journalist in a democratic society, analyse the portrayal of journalists in film, and also listen to first hand accounts about what it is like to be a reporter. Students will then learn about the current challenges facing the 21st century media, and develop their skills as a reporter in a range of different media types – from the traditional print or broadcast medias to the more recent digital and social media platforms. Students will also gain experience as a journalist by identifying an issue that they want to change, and using their reporting skills to create a sample of journalistic work that could make a difference to the world.