Somerville Secondary College

Mythological Superheroes

Featured Learning AreaEnglish
Additional Learning AreasThe Arts (Media)
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking


Were you devastated by Avenger’s Endgame? Do you worry that the end of this Marvel cycle will mean a lack of superheroes in your life? Well, the good news is that you can continue to share your love of heroes with your classmates in this marvellous unit. In addition to analysing and critique how the narrative features and characterisation of your favourite Marvel films, we will also be looking at the OG heroes from Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. Before Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor, there was Zeus and Athena, Mars and Venus, Odin and, well, Thor again. These characters and their stories have captivated people for centuries, and now’s your chance to join in on the fun!