Somerville Secondary College

Profit 4 Me!

Featured Learning AreaMathematics
Additional Learning AreasEconomics
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking and Personal and Social


Profit 4 Me! – Business Math 101

This course could be a practical course, which will require students to use their reasoning and critical abilities to complement their use of Mathematical skills. This elective will equip students with the necessary mathematical, critical, creative and personal skills to be successful in business and the world at large. It also involves the study of mathematics of the wholesaler and the manufacturer. The topics might include a review of whole numbers, common fractions, decimals and a study of percentages. Students will have the opportunity to explore pay slips; looking at the differences between salaries and wages, cheques, savings and business accounts. They will gain knowledge on how taxes are applied and how it can have an impact on salaries/wages and businesses. When setting up business ventures, students will have the chance to look at various types of insurances, discounts and ways in which wholesalers and manufacturers purchase and price goods.