Somerville Secondary College

Trivia Time

Featured Learning AreaHumanities – Geography, History, Business
Additional Learning AreasEnglish
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking/Enterprise


Do you often come second or third in trivia events? Are you let down by the questions about the Great Lakes or rivers of Asia? Then pick this subject and learn to be NUMBER 1 in future trivia nights!

In this subject, students will develop their general knowledge of a range of Geography related topics which often appear in trivia questions, such as the world’s continents, countries, flags, leaders, geographic features, industries, environments or landscapes, and peoples. As they learn about these topics, students will have weekly trivia night-like quizzes in order to track their progress in developing their general knowledge.

In addition to this, students will also be able to pick an expert subject related to Geography or History, and they will learn a number of study techniques such as the use of mnemonics, which will help them to better learn their chosen topic, but also develop study skills that will be useful in all future studies. Lastly, students will be responsible for organising and marketing a trivia event of their own, where they will use a variety of enterprise skills in order to run the best trivia night (or day) that Somerville has ever seen!