Somerville Secondary College

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    General Documents

    Uniform and Dress Code Policy218.87 KB Preview
    Uniform - School Shoes142.91 KB Preview
    Uniform information_Primary School Wear (PSW)4.68 MB Preview
    Uniform_purchasing options565.85 KB Preview
    Mobile Phones Policy 2023286.61 KB Preview
    Student_Sanctions_for_Severe_Breaches_of_the_Student_Code_of_Conduct185.73 KB Preview
    Student Learning Device (SLD) Acceptable Use Policy640.24 KB Preview
    Somerville Secondary College (8875) - 2022 - AIP - Overall (1)362.23 KB Preview
    Somerville Secondary College (8875) - 2020-2023 - School Strategic Plan (2)128.91 KB Preview
    School Bus_application to-travel form389.42 KB Preview
    School Bus Timetable246.12 KB Preview
    Privacy_Collection_Notice_2022168.25 KB Preview
    Photographing_Filming_and_Recording_Students_Annual_Consent Form221.06 KB Preview
    Medication Authority Form210.88 KB Preview
    Enrolment_Form_Alternative_Family1.01 MB Preview
    Computer Recommended Specifications 2023319.36 KB Preview
    Enrolment_Form0.96 MB Preview
    Compass Pay_ How to pay your school fees with Compass2.41 MB Preview
    College Map181.01 KB Preview
    Camps_Tours_Excursions_Conditions of Participation670.50 KB Preview
    Approval Form_Statement of Values_Safe and Respectful School Communities605.46 KB Preview
    Approval Form - Student Learning Device (SLD) Acceptable Use Agreement523.05 KB Preview
    Approval Form - School Tours, Camps, Excursions, Adventure Activities501.41 KB Preview
    Approval Form - Photographing, filming and Recording Students, Annual Consent Form and Collection Notice566.11 KB Preview

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