Somerville Secondary College

Year 7 and 8 Program

Junior Years

The Year 7 curriculum aims to facilitate a smooth transition to the College with an extensive and comprehensive transition focus to assist students in settling into life at secondary school. The outstanding Year 7 program places students at the centre and recognises that the transition from primary to secondary school is a vital step in a child’s education.

We focus on the wellbeing of every new student with a collaborative support structure, which helps them feel connected, secure and confident, developing a sense of belonging and inclusion within the College and among their friends and peers.

Year 8 is a year of extension and consolidation where students continue to study and build their skills in the core subjects and also experience a range of semester long subjects expanding from Year 7.

All curriculum taught at Year 7 and 8 follows the Victorian Curriculum.

Students are exposed to a broad range of subjects which include:


Year 7 and 8 Core Subjects

Specialist Subjects – students complete one semester of each across Year 7 and 8