Somerville Secondary College

general information


Regular communication

Once your child is enrolled at our College, we keep in regular contact with new families through our College website, as well as our Compass portal and our Facebook page.


Compass is our online portal for families, students and teachers. We use Compass for communication and administrative purposes. We encourage all families to sign in to their Compass account as soon as they receive their login details as we will use this platform to communicate regularly.


Our staff are available via email during school hours, as outlined in our Communication with Staff Policy which can be found on the college website.


Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, Sub School team or Principal class via the college phone number (03 5973 1000). If the staff member that you wish to speak to is unavailable a message can be left and they will contact you as soon as they are able.


Please like our Facebook page for a glimpse into life at Somerville Secondary College. We enjoy sharing our student learning experiences with our community and our Facebook page is a fantastic opportunity for you to become further engaged in your child’s learning journey. Just search for @SomervilleSecondaryCollege.

First Aid

We have three first aiders within the administration team at Somerville Secondary College, plus a wide range of other staff who are also First Aid trained.  If your child becomes unwell in class time they should firstly advise their teacher who will give them a note to take to the school office.

One of the first aiders will talk to your child to see why they are not well and treat them if necessary.  If they need to go home a phone call will be made to you to advise so.  Students are unable to be in sick bay all day if they are unwell – it is always best for them to go home.

In cases of emergency we would call 000 and contact home.