Somerville Secondary College

Leadership Team

Introducing the College Leadership team

Sarah Burns


Katie Johnson

Assistant Principal –
Student Engagement

Chris Ironside

Assistant Principal –
Teaching and Learning

Lisa Jansens

Business Manager

Matt Mackenzie

Teaching and Learning

Marley Collins

Learning Specialist Literacy/MYLNS

Matthew Mackinlay

Learning Specialist Numeracy/MYLNs

Charlie Travis

Assistant Principal – Facilities

Jacquelyn Kirk

Student Engagement Subschool Leader 7-8

Alex Canton

Student Engagement Subschool Leader 11 & 12

Jess Ballingall

Leading Teacher VCE – Vocational Major

Elise McNeil

Student Pathways – Careers Advisor

Graham Howgate

Student Engagement Subschool  Leader 9-10

Therese Hall

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Eric buchler

Careers Advisor