Somerville Secondary College

Year 7 Transition


On behalf of the School Council, staff and students. I would like to welcome you to Somerville Secondary College.

Somerville Secondary College fosters a learning environment of high expectations for the individual academic and personal development of each of our students, based on the progressive pillars of excellence, equity and wellbeing. Your child will participate in a range of educational and social programs, as well as having access to challenging and exciting extracurricular activities. Our aim is to provide every student at our school with the knowledge, capabilities and attributes that will see them thrive throughout their lives as healthy, confident individuals who have the skills that they need well beyond their school days.

As a school we have high aspirations for all our students as well as a strong emphasis on promoting wellbeing. Our transition team will be working with you to ensure we understand your child’s achievements to date, as well as identifying their future learning needs. They will be in contact with your primary school teachers, assess each child in literacy and numeracy, and meet many of the new students individually before they start at Somerville Secondary College.

Somerville Secondary College believes in the importance of building strong partnerships with parents and offers several activities throughout the year to support and encourage students to achieve their personal best. In Term 1 next year, all Year 7 students will invite their parents to the school to showcase their learning and work, and to meet their teachers and classmates.

We understand that moving from primary to secondary school is a big change. It can be exciting but can also be challenging or worrying for many students. We have a developed a Transition Program that runs throughout Year 7 to support our new students and make sure their transition to our school is as smooth as possible.

Activities and events are held throughout the year to support students to build organisational and study skills, develop strong peer relationships, enhance resilience and mindfulness, and to build a sense of connectedness to the school community.

I look forward to meeting with you and working in partnership with you over the next 6 years as your child progresses though their secondary education and establishes their pathway for their future.

Sarah Burns