Somerville Secondary College


Department and School Policies

Administration of Medication 2021226.54 KB Preview
Anaphylaxis Policy262.82 KB Preview
Asthma Policy 2021.docx296.89 KB Preview
Attendance Policy 2021304.07 KB Preview
Bullying Prevention Policy 2021255.52 KB Preview
Bus Safety123.65 KB Preview
CCTV Policy 2021218.33 KB Preview
Camps_Tours_Excursions_Conditions of Participation202.00 KB Preview
Camps and Excursions Policy247.97 KB Preview
Child Safety Code of Conduct 2022141.95 KB Preview
Child Safety Policy 2022320.75 KB Preview
Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations policy and procedures 2022295.04 KB Preview
Communication with School Staff Policy 2021178.86 KB Preview
Complaints Policy 2021218.11 KB Preview
Digital Technologies - Policy 2021305.25 KB Preview
Drones_Guidelines for Operating Drones on School Grounds175.10 KB Preview
Duty of Care Policy 2021167.55 KB Preview
Energy and High Caffeine drinks policy171.74 KB Preview
First Aid Policy 2021169.45 KB Preview
Fundraising Policy205.99 KB Preview
Health Care Needs Policy 2021175.99 KB Preview
Hire and Licence of of School Facilities135.56 KB Preview
Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2021245.21 KB Preview
Mobile Phones Policy 2021280.43 KB Preview
Parent Payment Policy 2023237.16 KB Preview
Parent Payments-one-page-overview157.03 KB Preview
Parent Payments Camps and Excursions243.61 KB Preview
Parent Payments Digital Devices161.05 KB Preview
Parent Payments Subjects and Electives279.34 KB Preview
Personal Property110.23 KB Preview
Photographing Filming and Recording Students Policy214.44 KB Preview
Schools-Privacy-Policy-English151.80 KB Preview
Statement of Values -Promoting Healthy, Safe and Respectful School Communities.docx170.04 KB Preview
Student Drivers Policy162.00 KB Preview
Student Wellbeing and Engagement216.54 KB Preview
Uniform and Dress Code Policy241.63 KB Preview
Visitors_ Policy269.77 KB Preview
Volunteers Policy 2021262.87 KB Preview
Yard Duty and Supervision Policy 2023344.28 KB Preview