Somerville Secondary College


While parents/guardians have primary responsibility for transporting their children to and from school, the School Bus Program assists families in rural and regional Victoria by transporting students to school. The program services both government and non-government schools. Categories of eligibility determine whether a student travels at no cost or travels upon the payment of a fare. 

Students wishing to access a seat on a bus must complete an application form and parents/guardians must agree to the conditions of travel including, if applicable, the payment of a fare. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and the Student Transport Unit conduct regular audits of the State’s School Bus Services. These audits involve reviews of student eligibility for free bus travel on one of Victoria’s School Bus Services and the number of eligible students on each service as well as demand for the School Bus Services across the State. These audits may result in some School Bus Services being cancelled if there are insufficient numbers of students eligible and reallocated to other areas to meet demand.

Please see School Bus Program and Bus Timetable documents on the website for eligibility criteria, bus routes and application forms.

Please see Public Transport Victoria for non-School Bus Program information.