Somerville Secondary College

Walt Disney Pictures Presents

Featured Learning AreaEnglish
Additional Learning AreasMedia, Humanities
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking


Remember all of your favourites while growing up? The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars? Disney’s got them all now so you can’t say you haven’t seen at least one of their movies.

But why are all of these stories so happy? What if you found out that Ariel is supposed to die, or that Elsa kidnaps children?

In this unit you will watch a range of Disney films, find out where they came from and discover what it means to ‘disneyfy’ a story, no matter how dark and gloomy it might be. You will learn and understand why so many stories have been changed in this way, and then you will be given a chance to ‘disneyfy’ or darken well known stories through your own writing.