Somerville Secondary College

Food for Health and Fitness

Featured Learning AreaFood Technology
Additional Learning AreasHealth and Human Development
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical and Creative Thinking


This practical based food elective focuses on the links between healthy eating and adolescent needs. Student will gain a greater understanding of the role of nutrients in the body and how to fuel their body for the best health and fitness gains. They will develop a deeper awareness of the impact food has on the consumer today as well as the influence of marketing on our food choices.  Through a variety of design briefs, students will learn how to plan and manage creative designed solutions for a number of purposes. One of the major units of work is the design of a family meal within a budget, including researching possible options and writing up food orders and a workplan. Students will visit the supermarket within class time, where they purchase the groceries required. They then produce their completed meal the following day.  Core Modules include Hygiene and Safety, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Sports and Energy drinks, Vegetarian Eating, Food Models for Health and Nutrition and Food Planning and Preparation. Popular units of work include menu planning, baking, celebration cookery and free choice activities.