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Year 9 Indonesian will explore the rich culture and language of Indonesia and improve communication skills and intercultural understanding. As Indonesia is our closest neighbour, this subject provides students with the knowledge of an important regional partner for Australia and allows many future opportunities to open in fields such as education, business, diplomacy, language services and personal travel. In Year 9, students will continue to develop their language skills and become increasingly fluent and independent. They will learn about hobbies and daily activities to give factual information and opinions, and learn how to order food in a restaurant before using these skills on excursion. Students will learn about the climate and environment of Indonesia and be able to discuss aspects of the weather. They will learn language for holidays and be able to conduct transactions and make plans. They will participate in story-telling, reading, writing, listening and speaking activities and use resources such as films, realia and language games to enhance their learning. They will gain a broad understanding of Indonesia as a country and how its culture is reflected in the language. As Year 9 language students, they will also participate in a pen-pal program and be eligible for inclusion in the Indonesian Study Tour.