Somerville Secondary College

Music Performance

Featured Learning AreaArts – Music
Additional Learning Areas
Learning Capabilities DevelopedPersonal/Social, Critical/Creative Thinking


Do you sing? Do you play an instrument? Are you in a band, or do you prefer to play on your own? Is there a part of you that wants to be on a stage with thousands of people screaming your name? This unit is your first step. Bring your instruments, bring your talents and learn how to play in front of a crowd. Learn how to set up a stage, how to present yourself and show the world something that they have never seen before.

You’ll start by organizing yourself into a band or as a solo artist and brainstorm songs/genres that you would like to play. Over the course of the semester, you will continue to develop skills in your chosen instrument and learn how best to suit your instrument to your performance. You will learn your chosen songs inside and out until you understand every aspect before ending the semester with a final performance for the college.