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This subject focuses on the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. Through the study of Psychology students will be able to explain in a scientific manner the key components of human behaviours and mental processes. This will be done through the scientific application of complex research methods on observable behaviours to draw scientifically valid …

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Product Design and Technology

Designers play an important part in our daily lives. They determine the form and function of the products we use every day and transform ideas into drawings and plans for the creation of products that fulfil human needs and wants. Environmental and sustainability issues are also a key consideration. In VCE Product Design and Technology, …

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Physics is a theoretical and empirical Science, which contributes to our understanding of the physical universe from the minute building blocks of matter to the unimaginably broad expanses of the universe. This understanding has significance for the way we understand our place in the universe. This study is designed to enhance the scientific literacy of …

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Mathematical Methods

Mathematical Methods CAS provides students with a range of mathematical techniques that are commonly used in analytical and problem solving situations. Students are exposed to opportunities to apply mathematical techniques, routines and processes involving Rational and Real Arithmetic, Algebraic Manipulation, Equation Solving, Graph Sketching, Calculus and Theoretical Probability with and without the use of technology. …

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General Mathematics

The areas of study for Unit 1 and 2 of General Mathematics are ‘Data Analysis’, ‘Graphs of Linear and Non-Linear Relations’, ‘Arithmetic and Number’, ‘Decision and Business Mathematics’, ‘Measurement’ and ‘Geometry and Trigonometry’. These are designed as a preparation for Units 3 and 4 of Further Mathematics, which comprises the Data Analysis module as well …

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Legal Studies

Legal Studies provides students with an analytical evaluation of the processes of law making and the methods of dispute resolution. Students are able to develop an understanding of the impact our legal system has upon the lives of citizens and the implications of legal decisions on Australian Society. This study will also assist in the …

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Health & Human Development

VCE Health and Human Development takes a broad and multidimensional approach to defining and understanding health and wellbeing. Through the study of VCE Health and Human Development, students investigate health and wellbeing, and human development in individual, national and global contexts. The subject cost includes an excursion. 


The study of English enables students to extend their English language skills through thinking, listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing. Students develop their ability to create and analyse texts, moving from interpretation to reflection and critical analysis. Students studying English become confident, articulate and critically aware communicators, and further develop a sense of themselves, their …

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Chemistry is a key science in understanding the workings of our universe. It is used to explain natural phenomena at the molecular level as well as create new materials such as medicines and polymers. Students will develop the ability to use chemical knowledge and scientific arguments in their everyday lives. Understanding Chemistry is important to …

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Business Management

In studying VCE Business Management, students develop knowledge and skills that enhance their confidenceand ability to participate effectively as socially responsible and ethical members, managers and leaders of thebusiness community, and as informed citizens, consumers and investors. The study of Business Managementleads to opportunities across all facets of the business and management field such as …

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