Somerville Secondary College

Product Design and Technology

Designers play an important part in our daily lives. They determine the form and function of the products we use every day and transform ideas into drawings and plans for the creation of products that fulfil human needs and wants. Environmental and sustainability issues are also a key consideration. In VCE Product Design and Technology, students work as designer-makers to consider the consequences of product design choices. They develop skills to critically analyse existing products and develop their own creative solutions. Students follow the design process to develop and manufacture solutions to real problems. They will learn about and use a range of manufacturing techniques from hand skills through to Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, developing skills to work both independently and in teams. 

This VCE offers students a range of career pathways in design in fields such as industrial, transport, service, interior and exhibition, engineering, fashion, furniture, jewelry, textile and ceramics, at both professional and vocational levels. Moreover, VCE Product Design and Technology informs sustainable behaviours and develops technical skills enabling students to present multiple solutions to everyday life situations. The course also enhances the knowledge of relevant ethical, legal and cultural factors within industry. It contributes to developing creative problem solvers and project managers well-equipped to deal with the multidisciplinary nature of modern workplaces.