Somerville Secondary College

Courtroom Drama

Featured Learning AreaHumanities – Civics & Citizenship
Additional Learning AreasEnglish, Legal Studies
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking


Are you a fan of law-and-order procedurals? Law and Order. Bull. Criminal Minds. Suits. Brooklyn 99. FBI or NCIS? Or maybe you enjoy a movie with a gripping legal scene? Legally Blonde. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Social Network. A Time to Kill. Chicago. A Few Good Men. Erin Brockovich. Twelve Angry Men.

Shows and movies about the legal system have always been incredibly popular. They are full of drama and tension, as they explore the ways in which people pursue justice for terrible crimes, seek to resolve complicated disputes, or fight for compensation after a significant loss. And these scenes can demonstrate many important elements about how legal systems and the courts work. Of course, they are also often very American and dramatised, which leaves the viewer with many misconceptions about how justice is achieved in Victoria. This subject aims to help students correct these common mistakes by using courtroom drama scenes to learn about how Victoria’s criminal and civil courts actually work.

The subject will also include excursions to the courts, as well as in-class mock trials.