Somerville Secondary College

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Computer Aided Design & Manufacture

Featured Learning AreaTechnologies – Design and Technologies
Additional Learning AreasDigital Technologies
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical and creative thinking and planning. Developing, refining and evaluating design solutions. Production capabilities.


The use of effective Computer Aided Design and Manufacture techniques are increasingly becoming a crucial element in assisting Australian industry to develop an edge over its competitors. In this elective, students will develop an understanding of how CAD/CAM technologies are used within industry and how they can use these techniques within school to create solutions that solve real design problems. Students will learn how to write and react to client-based design briefs, investigate design problems and offer innovative product solutions to meet client needs through the development of a design folio. They will manufacture their solutions through the use of Computer Aided Product Prototyping and Computer Aided Design and Manufacture techniques. Students will consider the impacts of technological change and how new technologies may contribute to a sustainable future.

The course will culminate in the opportunity for students to put their products to the market place, costing their products and preparing marketing material before offering their products for sale. Will your product stand the reality of the market place?!