Somerville Secondary College


Featured Learning AreaTechnology
Additional Learning AreasArts, Engineering, Mathematics, Science
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical and creative thinking and planning. Developing, refining and evaluating solutions. Scientific and mathematic principles, prototyping capabilities


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Technology education) is more than just hot air! STEAM education engages students in real-world, problem-based, inquiry learning. In the next decade, it is predicted that 75% of all jobs will require STEAM skills. Through this elective, students learn what STEAM skills are and how to use these skills to solve different challenges set for them and created by them. Students will learn to integrate these skills to help them prepare for future pathways and experience how these skills will help them work in a 21st Century world.

Students will undertake a range of hands-on problem-solving activities across the fields of; Science, Criminology and Digital Technologies, Coding, Robotics and Mathematics, 3D printing and Art, Computer Aided Design and Engineering and build links with local industry and enterprise.