Somerville Secondary College


Featured Learning AreaDesign and Technologies
Additional Learning AreasArts/Engineering principles and systems
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical and creative thinking and planning. Developing, refining and evaluating design solutions. Production capabilities.


This elective is designed to give students the experience of developing practical design and manufacture skills working with metal, wood, plastics to make functioning products. The course includes the use of both manual and computer – based drawing skills and the use of computer aided manufacturing processes. Students will apply various production methods to design, create and produce solutions to different design problems. Students will be presented with a number of design challenges which will allow them to become familiar with a range of materials, tools and equipment used to fabricate, join, shape and finish. The safe use of tools and machines and safe work practices within a workshop environment are covered.

Activities will require completion of a design portfolio employing the Design Process of investigating, designing, producing and evaluating.