Somerville Secondary College

World War II History – Europe

Featured Learning AreaHumanities – History
Additional Learning AreasHumanities – Geography, Civics
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical/Creative Thinking


This subject is advised to be completed after World War I.

This elective is recommended to follow on from the WWI elective, but is not a prerequisite. It begins with an investigation of how the events at the end of “The Great War” actually lay the groundwork for the rise of the Nazi Party and the beginning of the Second World War of the 20th Century. Students will study how the ideologies and actions of the Nazi Party allowed Hitler to rise to power, and learn more about the awful atrocities that happened as part of the Holocaust. There will also be a focus on the significant battles of World War II, from the German invasion of Poland and Russia, to D-Day and the Battle of Berlin and the collapse of Nazi Germany. The ways in which these conflicts impacted on the lives of the people who lived during this time is also examined, and students will also look at how the end of this war split Europe in half and therefore lay the groundwork for the Cold War battle of ideologies between the US and the USSR.
This unit also includes an excursion to the Jewish Holocaust Centre.*