Somerville Secondary College


Featured Learning AreaTechnology
Additional Learning AreasBuilding Engineering
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical and creative thinking and planning. Developing, refining and evaluating design solutions and production capabilities.


This elective is designed to give students the experience of understanding and following drawn plans to manufacture products and artefacts to given specifications using a range of hand and machine workshop tools. Skills that are covered include:

  • how to read plan drawings.
  • how to understand measurement and scale in working drawings.
  • how to measure and mark out a range of materials from given drawings.
  • how to plan ahead when making given product.
  • how to use hand tools and machine tools safely.
  • how to manipulate a range of materials including wood, metals and plastics.
  • safe workshop procedure and understanding of Safe Work Method Statements.
  • basic computer aided design skills to create dimensioned drawings.

The aim is for students to demonstrate they can competently and safely operate in a workshop environment, follow instruction and read and understand given drawings to manufacture accurate outcomes using a range of hand and power tools and machines.