Somerville Secondary College

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Electronic Products

Featured Learning AreaDesign and Technologies
Additional Learning AreasEngineering principles and systems
Learning Capabilities DevelopedCritical and creative thinking and planning. Developing, refining and evaluating design solutions. Production capabilities.


This elective is designed to expand student knowledge of electronic theory and how circuitry can be integrated into Product Design.

Students will learn about, and work with, a range of workshop materials (wood, metals and plastics) and experience a number of techniques and processes to manipulate them to manufacture contemporary, innovative working electronic products. A range of electronic componentry will be studied and different circuit types investigated to gain an understanding of how electronics and circuit design can be used in products that students have designed.

Students follow Design Briefs, both given and created by them, and use the Design Process to investigate, design, manufacture and evaluate their own designed products. The use of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture as part of the Design Process is encouraged. Creativity is the key!

This course is an excellent foundation course leading onto VCE Product Design, studying key issues such as sustainability, product analysis, industrial manufacturing, and the social, economic and environmental issues.